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Hyderabad Biriyani

Kovai Hyderabad Biriyani - a brand name which is very popular amongst all biriyani lovers. The first eatery was started on a small scale in 1990 in Coimbatore with a minimum seating capacity. Hyderabad biryani is built on the combination of Quality, Taste, Quantity and Economy. This eatery was so popular and led the way for starting a series of branches all over the city. Hyderabad Biriyani has been fulfilling the taste buds of people from the rich to the poor for
over 30 years and the journey goes on!!!
Our Founder
Our Founder
Mr. Manikandan started his career in Chennai as an entrepreneur as a roadside eatery. Then he switched over to Coimbatore to develop his hotel business. His philosophy is to make the people's heart and belly full by providing unlimited biriyani. His first outlet was started near Ramnagar, in Coimbatore. Inaugurated in the year 2006, and with 30+ years experience in the hotel industry, his business is marching ahead with continuous effort and development to cater more and more people in the vicinity.
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